Can you rely upon the city water supply for Fire Protection ?

According to a study on 3125 fires, performed by Alliance Insurance Company, water supply is the third highest cause of failure ( 10% )

The  Reasons for Failure of Water Based Fire Sprinkler Systems

•Water shut off   35.4%
•System not adequate for level of hazard in occupancy   13.5%
•Inadequate water supplies   9.9%
•Inadequate maintenance   8.4%
•Obstruction to water distribution   8.2%
•System designed for partial protection only   8.1%
•Faulty building construction   6.0%
•Antiquated system   2.1%
•Slow operation   1.8%
•Defective dry-pipe valve   1.7%
•Exposure fire   1.7%
•System frozen   1.4%
•Other or unknown   1.9%
•TOTAL              100.0%
Watch the attached Power point Presentation viewed by the AFSA Georgia and attended by the State Fire Marshall.

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